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Violent Video Games, Delinquency and Youth Violence (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


What is the author(s) methodology – Can you comment on the adequacy of the methods?
• Describe the important facts or examples (evidence) that the author uses to support the main
• Discuss the author(s) conclusions and whether you think they have adequately supported
• Explain the theme(s) within the article
• You must evaluate the authority or background of the author(s) and comment
on the intended audience.


Violent Video Games, Delinquency and Youth Violence
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Violent Video Games, Delinquency and Youth Violence
What is the author(s) methodology – can you comment on the adequacy of the methods?
The authors’ methodology is known as the multifactorial risk factor approach. This kind or type of methodology is one where the researchers assess or investigate a particular issue while assessing or evaluating a person or a people’s risk factors for delinquency in this case.
The adequacy of the approach being used in the study appears appropriate because it seeks to address the attributes or the exposure of a person to a particular thing that seems to increase the likelihood of developing a problem. In this particular case, the multifactorial risk factor approach is quite suitable because instead of focusing on the problem (delinquency among the youth), it focuses on the factors that appear to influence the youths into being delinquent. It asks the question: which factors expose the youths to delinquent behavior?
Describe the important facts or examples (evidence) that the author uses to support the main idea.
One important fact is the notion that a myriad of researchers appear to believe that violent video games influence or triggers delinquent behavior. This has been discussed widely, and while there appears to be a divide in whether violent video games do indeed influence delinquent behavior among youths, it is a fact that the authors appear to allude to several times.
The second fact is the notion that there appears to be insufficient data to support or build on the notion that violent video games influence the youths towards delinquency. In one instance, the authors indicate that “some researchers have suggested that there is almost no evidence that media violence is related to serious or criminal violence.” Other researchers indicate that only a “few studies focused on serious delinquency and violence, and it is likely that effect sizes diminish

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