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Statement of Goals and Choices Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Statement of Goals and Choices
• Is at least 750 words in length, double-spaced, in a 11-12 pt. font
• Is clear about both your personal goals and your rhetorical goals (what the podcast episode is
trying to do and for what audience)
• Explains the choices you made regarding material, technology, methods, and rhetoric and why
you made those choices
• Explains why you pursued this plan or these choices instead of other plans or choices
• Explains risks you took, why you took those risks, and how those risks helped (or harmed) you
reaching your goals and purpose
• Uses clear language and is carefully edited
Sophistication of discussion. Does the podcast episode explore your question in sophisticated
and interesting ways? Does your statement of goals and choices show a sophisticated
understanding and explanation of your goals and choices?
• Specificity and clarity. Does the podcast episode dive into specifics about the question, rather
than sit at the level of generality? Does the statement of goals and choices provide specific and
clear claims about your goals and choices? Does the essay support these claims with clear and
specific evidence (that is, examples from your project)? Is the evidence discussed in ways that
support claims (that is, they are analyzed and explained rather than expected to speak for
• Organization. Is the podcast episode organized in a purposeful, sensible, and effective fashion
that helps it cohere and accomplish its purpose? Is the statement of goals and choices organized
in a sensible fashion that helps it cohere as an essay, with transitions between ideas and clear
topic sentences?
• Style. Is the statement of goals and choices relatively free of surface errors? Do the podcast
episode and statement of goals and choices show evidence of being crafted rather than simply
drafted and submitted?


Instructor’s Name:
Statement of Goals and Choices
Purpose of the Podcast Episode
The question of my podcast is, “Do video games affect players’ physical and mental health? The purpose of my podcast is to show my fellow students that contrary to the traditional belief that playing video games is merely an addictive source of diversion and entertainment, video games have various benefits, and key among them is the development of cognitive skills in both adults and children. I wanted my fellow students to know that playing video games is not as negative as it has been portrayed as recent research shows that playing video games can help students learn better, improve critical thinking skills, improve the ability to make split-second decisions, and reduce stress. I also wanted my fellow students to know that the key to integrating video games into their lives is moderation since any activity when done to excess, can have negative effects. I sought the perspective of a professional gamer who has been playing video games for the past seven years. I wanted to prove that even though video games are frowned upon as time-wasters, they can help us learn, focus, and fascinatingly, multitask.

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