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Podcast Episode with Transcript and Statement of Goals and Choices (Essay Sample)


I will do the podcast


Professor’s Name:
Podcast Transcript
Student: Hello, first off, how old are you?
John: I am 25 at the moment.
Student: Okay, what comes to mind when you hear the term ‘video games?’
[Acoustic piano track plays]
John: Probably a good way to kill time.
Student: Okay, so have you ever played one?
John: Yes, I have played several.
Student: Can you remember the first video game you played?
[Acoustic piano continues]
John: That is a tough one. The earliest memory I have playing a video game I think is of Super Mario Brothers.
Student: Was it the one that came pre-installed with the computer when you bought it?
John: No, I bought it separately.
Student: Oh okay. So how long did you have it?
[Upbeat pop folk guitar instrumental]
John: I did not have it for very long and, the first time I ever played it was at a friend’s house, who had a gaming console. My dad had a Commodore which he used mainly for work. The only game he had on it was Ping-Pong which I never played. I preferred Super Mario Brothers.

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