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The Trends in the Gaming Industry Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


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The Trends in the Gaming Industry
The electronic gaming industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Every year, it rakes in billions of dollars for the economy with a promise to earn even more money as it attracts more players into its fold. In the U.S, the industry has over 32,000 people in employment with an average yearly compensation for each of them put at $89,789. They get almost $3 billion as compensation. Further, the combination of direct and indirect beneficiaries of gaming is more than 120,000. There are as many types of games, however, as the different kinds of people involved in playing them. In addition, there is a variety of devices used to play the games. They include PCs, smartphones and consoles. With a sample of 20 people drawn from different ages and both genders, this study aims to clearly bring out the current trends in the gaming industry.
Method of Survey

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