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Do video games cause aggression? Psychology Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Read the article found in the link above, also look in the Course Documents to find and read the article "Violent video games don't mix with assault weapons". Then find another online source or two and use your own experience to write a 1.5 to 2 page double-spaced paper on the question.
Be sure to list any additional sources that you may use.


Video Games
Violent video games do cause aggression, both in short-term and long-term. Studies have shown evidence connecting video games to violent behavior in some children while others studies still disagree with the findings. Playing violent video games increases the risk of not only aggressive behavior but also aggressive thoughts and aggressive feeling. It leads to a reduction in prosocial life and also empathy (Anderson). In real life, a study shows that college students that threated on hitting or attacking students with ideas of hurting them seriously or even killing them were those played and enjoyed video games often. Practically, people who play violent video games tend to attack their opponents after losing unlike people playing non-violent games. Children playing video games for a long period have psychological problems than those who rarely play video games.

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