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A Rockstar Games Company. Communications & Media Research Paper (Essay Sample)


1. if you have developed a basic understanding of the field of communications;
2. can employ basic concepts in the study of communications;
3. can analyse the role of communications in processes of social and cultural change;
4. are able to apply communication analysis to everyday life;
5. are informed about areas of industry and community life where the study of communications is
applicable and relevant
6. The response should be a combination of your own thinking, relevant scholarly work, and careful analysis of one key case study (examples)
Please note: I need 10 of the academic references from books.


Computer Games
Rock star is an American company that is specialized in the co-production of the video game producer which succeeded BMG .The company was founded in 1998 by Sam and Dan Houser as a subsidiary to the Take-Two Interactive. The company has since made a great milestone in the production and publication of the video games. The success of the company can be attributed to the application of good strategies in the industry which may include communication.
There is recent development by Rock star in the video game production which is seen as taking a different trend in production. According to Gee (2014), the audiences are seen as the customers and people who can do the co-production of the games. The audience is in fact becoming the co-producers and the marketers. The recent study has seen the gaming production by Rock star taking a new development in the online activism relating to the fans and the business community in relation to the scores and the audience. There is a close relationship between the producers of the games and the audience in relation to the production of the films. The study has taken steps to find out the relationship and the how it is discussed within the cultural perspectives in line with gaming. The increased rise and the shaping of the relationship are because of the reason that it is seeking the popularity just like other media like the television and radio. All this increased development will be successful if the best strategies are employed in the co-production.

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