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Write About Conflict in The Hunger Games (Book Review Sample)


Read the Instruction carefully and fill in the chart. You can refer to other texts or materials, but please do not quote directly. The answer must be your own words!The book is VERY different from the movie, Please try your best to match the book.


Conflict in The Hunger Games
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Conflict in The Hunger Games
Man vs. Man

Man vs. Nature

Man vs. Self

The antagonism between Katniss and President Snow is an example of character vs. character conflict. In fact, Katniss endures fighting against society tyranny even after Snow exits from power. Besides, Katniss shoots Coin despite his intention to attack Snow for his corrupt acts. Furthermore, Peeta and Cato have some differences, which result in conflicts between the two characters. In fact, Cato cuts Peeta’s leg using a sword. Arguably, character vs. character conflict is the most popular because of the fact that most of them are fighting with the intention of killing each other.

One of the main conflic

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