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Computer Or Reading From A Book: Is This Arguable? (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


* Is this Arguable?
Discuss whether each of the following claims is “arguable.”  Explain why each is or is not arguable. For the claims that are not arguable, alter them enough to make them arguable.
a. I much prefer reading on a tablet or computer than reading from a book.
b. Childhood obesity is one of the most important issues facing the United States.
c. The increase in school violence and bullying is due to the popularity of violent video games.


Is this Arguable?
I much prefer reading on a tablet or a computer than reading from a book.
This claim is not arguable because it is a personal preference. One may prefer reading from a tablet or computer because they can easily check the internet if they want to examine an issue in depth or find the meaning of a vocabulary. The claim is therefore not arguable because people have different reasons for their preference. In this case, an arguable claim would be “reading on tablet or computer is better than reading from a book.” This is arguable because there are people who might agree and there are others who might not.
Childhood obesity is one of the m

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