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To Explore Female Bullying In Video Games. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


(To explore female bullying in video games)I need a 600-word essay, freshman level, and 3 academic resource(and 2 resources I give u,total:5 resources( Analyse resources one by one)). Resources in Harvard format. Please mainly analyze the two resources I gave you.


ABSTRACT FEMALE VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS AND THE MALE GAZE Joseph Michael Hoffswell, M.A. Department of Communication Northern Illinois University, 2011 David J. Gunkel, Director This thesis looks to use gaze theory and procedural rhetoric to create a new rhetorical theory in the arena of video games. First, a history of video games will be presented, and then the history of violence and sex in video games. Then rhetorical analyses of two video games, Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 and Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad, are presented. Finally, guidelines for future research, both qualitative and quantitative, will be discussed in order to allow the growth of this field of research. Each critique will demonstrate how visual representations of characters, short movies, and placement of characters on the screen demonstrate interactive gaze theory. The purpose of this is to show that video games contribute to a male fantasy and that even when female characters are supposed to be heroines, they become an object to the male fantasy. 


To Explore Female Bullying In Video Games
As video games become more popular, there are gamers from different demographic groups playing these games online, while girls and women are increasingly bullied in video games. The video game companies need to be more vigilant and adopt some standards on what is acceptable behavior and what constitutes harassment while allowing users to filter more content. Improving the culture of video game will help as compared to simply avoiding problem as is the case now where people can block and mute users, but are still targeted. Prosecution of those stalking and threatening and creating awareness about such behaviors may be useful to change behavior.

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