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Analyzing an Advertisement Video: Nike Dream Crazy (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Review the Nike advertisement video:
- Nike Dream Crazy [Video file]. (2018, September 5).
Then write a short 3 paragraph analysis on how the advertisement uses the rhetorical appeals. How are ethos, pathos, and logos used in the advertisement? Please make sure to review the reading this week that focuses on the three rhetorical appeals. Each paragraph in your discussion board should focus on a different appeal.


The Nike video titled Dream Crazy is quite moving and one already feels the need to start dreaming immediately after watching the video. It encompasses the three rhetorical appeals in the execution of its core message thus making sure its audience buys into its message. Below is an elucidation of how the video makes use of the three rhetorical appeals.
The appeal of ethos works in several ways. The first one is the credibility of the source as well as the statistics being used in an article or a video like in this particular case. Nike is a multinational company that has been in the business of producing footwear, delivering services, apparel, and other accessories to its clients. It offers an experience like no other and also motivates individuals to challenge themselves and become better. Its first appeal to ethos thus comes from its reputation and involvement with athletes. The second instance of ethos comes from its use of different athletes whose stories appear to coincide with the core message of the video. The video uses athletes like LeBron James and Serena Williams whose stories showcase individuals who dreamt beyond what was thought to be possible. Their appearance in the video as well as their achievements on and off the different sports fields they are in shows that

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