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Disaster Planning for Public Health Assignment (Term Paper Sample)


Select a potential natural or man-made disaster that could happen in your community. Write a paper about a disaster from the community nurse’s perspective.
Section 1: The Disaster, Hurricane in flood prone coastal community
Section 2: The Nursing Response - Formulate responses to the disaster, considering systems and community levels of intervention. Review a disaster plan and what the plan contains.
Locate best practice/evidence-based practice guidelines in professional literature to determine whether disaster plan is as sound as it might be or if there is room for improvement.
Section 3: Is My Community Prepared for a Disaster?
What conclusions can you draw about a community’s preparedness plan from having completed this evaluation?
Stanhope, M., & Lancaster, J. (2016). Public health nursing: Population-centered health care in
the community (9th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier. Public Health Nursing Practice and the Disaster Management Cycle


Disaster Planning for Public Health
Disaster Planning for Public Health
Our community last experienced the threat of a hurricane more than four decades ago. As a result, people relaxed and never saw the need to plan or get prepared if the threat of a hurricane becomes apparent. However, since 2014, numerous reports have emerged warning us of new hurricane threats. People are still reluctant to get serious and review the disaster plans that were in place during the last hurricane. The signs of a hurricane have become increasingly apparent, and the expectation is that our community will be hit with a hurricane in the next two years. The weather professionals have in the past gotten their estimations wrong, and with this fact in mind, it is indeed of great importance that the community develops effective disaster plans. It is never an easy affair, and it is only after the occurrence of a hurricane that the community will know whether their disaster plan is effective or not. The latter makes developing a disaster plan challenging but if the right estimations are made, many lives will be saved and loss of millions of dollars in property damage averted.
Every disaster plan needs to clearly stipulate the actions that need to be taken immediately the threat is deemed imminent. Few know this but the actions taken while an emergency is still in its initial stages are critical to the survival of a community (, 2016). Below are some response measures that can be taken to help avert danger and prevent loss of lives and damage to property:
* The first response to a disaster must be prompt communication channels that will spread the message of the incoming danger fast. Accurate information is indeed of the essence if the end goal of a disaster plan is to save people’s lives as well as prevent damage to property (Eisenman, 2007). Medical practitioners also need to educate individuals on the best methods of protecting themselves and their families. This information needs to be readily available at the local health centers.
* The second response measure is re-installation of the community public emergency service center (PES). The community’s PES has not been involved much in th...
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