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The Role Turkey Plays and the Influence it has on the Middle East (Speech Presentation Sample)


This is an assignment for IB English in High school. It's a speech presentation about Turkey in the middle east. You can expand the title to analysis Turkey and its influence thoroughly if you want(For example, introduce a little bit about the history of Turkey or circumstance of Middle East. Anything can help my audiences to understand the speech will be great). There are a few things needed(Outline and thesis) for this speech. You can find the instruction and a sample in the following link. This is a work for a high school student, so don't be too good but not bad also.


The Role Turkey Plays and the Influence it has on the Middle East
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Turkey's Role and Its Influence in the Middle East
Turkey is now understood to have formed the Republic of Turkey which includes the history of both the Eastern Thrace (the European part) and Anatolia (the Asian part of Turkey). Turkey is derived from Turchia, Middle Latin which means the land of the Turks, this refers to a different territory, historically known as Eastern Europe and Central Asia which later became under the Turk's control in the early period of medieval. Since that time when Turkey as now owned by Turks, its history spans the medieval history of the Seljuk Empire and the Republic of Turkey's history since the 1920s. The Republic of Turkey was proclaimed in 1923, October 29th, this made the Turks enjoy self-rule. The first president of the Republic of Turkey was now elected, Mustafa Kemal.
The first president of the Republic died in 1938 but after introducing various reforms in social, political, economic, legal and cultural spheres that were never seen in some other countries (Tambar, 2014). Under the leadership of Ataturk, the first Grand National Assembly created a new legal and political system based on human rights, parliamentary democracy, private ownership, secularism, and state affairs, separation of religion and national sovereignty and division of power principles. A whole new secular education system was established and the Latin alphabet was introduced from changes in the Arabic alphabet. There was also an adaptation of new criminal and civil codes from European models. Under the law, Turkish women acquired equal rights such as, to be elected to public offices and the right to vote as well. The women rights put Turkey at the forefront of many other Western nations. That was an exceptional revolution at its time, and even today, to bring a Muslim nation in line with universal values and Western civilization.
Turkey now plays a changing role in the Middle East (Ismael, Ismael, & Perry, 2015). Three years ago, Ahmet Davutoglu, the then Turkey's foreign minister said, that the change in the Middle East will be managed by them. He further clarified that they had an idea of a new Middle East just as they had an idea in their minds about Turkey. Ahmet Davutoglu has been Turkey's prime minister until 2015. His confidence has not been justified by events yet. The most dramatic example is the deadliest bombing in Turkey's modern history, one which happened during his reign. For more than the 100 civilians murdered, there was no claim of responsibility, but if the Islamic state was behind it, then it was predicted.
The policy towards the Islamic State by Turkey, which gave itself the name ISIL, ISIS might be well known as “live and let kill.” The authorities in Turkey did little to prevent the continuity of jihads, the flow of weapons and money crossing into Syria (Andersen, Seibert, & Wagner, 2001). With virtual indemnity, Islamic States agents recruited the citizens of Turkey. The Turks made a lot of cash trading antiquities and oil that were stolen by the Islamic State. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who I think was Turkey's most powerful political figure maybe thought he would be part of the Islamic State. But he seemed to have priorities such as, eliminating Kurdish forces and to topple Bashar Assad, the then Syrian president.
In the southern border town of Suruc, another 33 civilians were killed by suicide bombers in July, and most of them were Kurds (Gunes, & Lowe, 2015). It is the Turkish intelligence who concluded that the one responsible was the Islamic State. The Turkish authorities began a few airstrikes against the caliphate in Syria and investigating suspected jihads at homes. The United ...

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