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Cultural International Experience, Including Birth Country (Speech Presentation Sample)


international experience, including birth country, study abroad, extended travel
My Background: I'm an international student from China, and I'm currently studying at the US


International Experience
Student's Name
International Experience
Hello everyone! I was born and raised in China, and I must say my international experience has been worthwhile. Not only have I been able to understand the how the Chinese culture compares with the Western world, but I have also learned to embrace the uniqueness of other people. There are many aspects in the US society that significantly differs from those in the Chinese society. I feel privileged to have the first hand experience of these differences. Today, I am going to share with you my international experience, particularly on how life in the US compares to the life back in China.
Coming to the US and studying here has opened my eyes on many fronts. A major aspect of our lives, no matter one`s location is communication. In one way or another, we have to communicate, to understand others and also to be understood. I find it interesting that the way we communicate back in China is significantly different from the communication here. I find that people here are upfront and direct in they speak. It takes time for one to understand that the being upfront a

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