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Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address (Speech Presentation Sample)

write a speech review what is the general purpose of the speech? what is the specific purpose of the speech? what is the thesis statement of the speech? provide an outline of the speech? provide a short review of the speech, adding comments, including who delivered the speech and what was the occasion? source..

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Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address
‘Four score and seven years ago…" Alas the words that that captured the emotions and spectra of a historical moment in America in what has remained the most quoted speech in history: Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address. The two minutes ten sentences long speech was delivered by President Abraham Lincoln on November 19, 1863, at the dedication of Soldier`s National Cemetery, in honor of the Union Soldiers who died at the battle of Gettysburg, at the height of American Civil War.
The general purpose of this speech was to inspire the country, recognizing the predominant people`s right thus redefining, in a special way, civil rights and the power of democracy (Willis 2012) It put into perspective the position the country was in and the test that American Revolutionary ideals were facing during the civil war.
The specific purpose of the speech was to devote a ground that was hallowed by men, citizens of the great nation, who died there. In the same token, the speech turned the moment into a rededication of all Americans to the efforts of the war in preserving the freedom of a nation. He in effect playing an instrumental role as the father of the nation of spe...
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