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Informative Speech: Employment Equity, Importance of Employment Equity (Speech Presentation Sample)


I need a written presentation on the following assignment and why it is important to me and for what reason


Informative Speech: Employment Equity
Out Line
1 Title 
The importance of employment equity
2 General Purpose
Understanding the importance of employment equity3.Specific Purpose
Understanding how employment equity influences the lives of different employees and how its enforcement is important. 4. Thesis
The presentation focuses on discussing the importance of employment equity by explaining how it works and how its implementation has positive impacts to the workforce.
1 Preview Statement
Employment equity is essential in all organizations.
2 Main Topics 
Employment equity
3 List of connectives and transitions
Therefore, regardless, additionally
* Employment equity is a system backed by the law that ensures that there are barrier-free working conditions among the different designations among the members of the workforce. These designated groups are categorized as women, aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities, and members of visible minorities.
* The main objective of employment equity is to provide a working environment that ensures that employees work in a discrimination free environment and are not subject to unfair treatment. Apart from maintaining internal employment equity, the employment equity act also ensures that all citizens who are eligible for employment have access to the labor market in equal measure.
* It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that all the members of staff who fall within the four designated groups are fully represented regardless of the level of employment that they occupy within the company.
* Through employment equity, members of staff within an organization and other potential employees can be assured of fair payment, represe...
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