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Should Donald Trump be confirmed as the President of the United States? (Speech Presentation Sample)


it is a 3-5 mints high school presentation, so please be oral.


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March 28, 2017
Should Donald Trump be confirmed as the President of the United States?
By November 8, 2016, the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump undoubtedly won the U.S. National Elections by gaining a total of 306 Electoral votes over the Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton with only 232 electoral votes. For some this means triumph and the realization of the dream to make “America great again”. However for others, Trump’s perspective and ideals are simply too radical and extreme, to the point that it sacrifices personal freedom, democracy, and liberty in expense for what some would call a “full-throttle, even apocalyptic… new nationalism” CITATION Hee17 \l 1033 (Heer, 2017). As you all might know already, this perspective follows from the idea that America had, has been, and will always be the foremost country, which stands firmly for the individual rights and liberty of everyone whether their a citizen or not. Simply said, a beacon of hope amidst the conflicted world, if that’s not too much to say. In relation to what America stands for, most people would believe that Trump’s ideals go against everything that the founding fathers have wanted for what this country should be, and thus would question if Trump should really be confirmed as the president of the United States?
Apparently today, this question about Trump’s viability to be a president is not really that relevant anymore since, whether we like it or not, he was already elected. Based on the Constitution of the U.S., a candidate should secure a minimum of 270 Electoral College votes to become the President of the United States CITATION Natnd \l 1033 (National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), where as Trump had w...
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