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The Evolution of Superman (Speech Presentation Sample)


Discuss the evolution of Superman through the years as different writers gave him increased to near godlike powers through the years, even adding new powers to his long list of Abilities. Also, can incorporate the different theories introduced about how he gets his powers and any other differences that have changed and been altered in the superman legacy.


Like all cultures across the globe, there is always a superhero icon and legends that have been around for centuries. These are legends that were created years ago and have been run through publications and film productions over the years to maintain the culture(, 2015). The publications and film productions have been quite successful building multibillion empires in places such as Japan and America. Particularly in America, superman has been one of the many super heroes that have taken the American cultures by storm. Since the inception of the American iconic in the year 1933, by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster who was the artist, there have been a lot of developments on the same. The action comics have starred in radio, television series, magazines, newspapers, video games and films(, 2015).
The story states that, superman was born in distant planet called Krypton. Upon his father a great scientist called Jor-El, discovering the planet would soon be destroyed by intruders he sent his son to earth in a space ship. When the ship lands on earth, Jor-El’s son is adopted by a farming family in Kansas and is given the name Clark Kent. Upon reaching maturity, Clark Kent uses his powers to help humanity especially by helping the justice system. He attacks the villains in the society and brings calm to a violent city of metropolis.
There have been some evolutionary changes to the story overtime. When the story was first brought by Jerry and Joe, superman was a villain and not a hero. This did not auger well with most of the people. Incidentally he was also bald, unlike the well-built young man with a charm and good looks. As such both Jerry and Joe were forced to change the character to a hero who had some super powers. Despite the overhaul in the character, the comic did not do as well and most of the newspapers and publishing firms that the two approached claimed they faced legal suits if they ran the story. At the same time most of the heroes of the time included, Hercules, Samson and Moses. However later on Detective Comics adapted the story and the creators signed of their rights to the firm, with a contract to supply content. The attire that is synonymous with superman was introduced by Shuster, drawing his inspiration from space and traditional clothing.
The character of superman in the go...
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