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The Cost Of Higher Education: Social Approach (Speech Presentation Sample)


Purpose and Description
Part of what makes writing and research enjoyable is getting to share your work with others and getting to communicate your insights to a particular audience. For this assignment, you will share your research with the class in the form of an oral presentation. Your aim, specifically, will be to present findings from your inquiry and the argument you developed for Paper III. What follows are some guidelines for undertaking this assignment.
Your presentation should:
Be 4-5 minutes in length;
Build on the research you have completed throughout the semester;
Communicate the argument you developed and wrote about for Project III;
Suggest what future work could be done to address the issue you have researched;
Include a deliverable that you can show to your audience and that complements the oral component of your presentation.


Cost of Education
Cost of Education
Good afternoon everyone, I would like to this chance to thank you for coming and being part of this forum. On the topic today, I would like to engage your minds on an issue that is very sensitive and one that has been debated across most of the social platforms with a political twist or even social approach; ‘The cost of higher education'. It is a topic that most of us are familiar with as we are affected directly. Evidently, the costs of higher education have been rising in the last few decades and there is no end in sight promising a sustainable solution. What is interesting is the fact that even the number of students that are enrolling for a college education is also growing. This presents a rather interesting topic and one that begs some insightful evaluation.
From the research that I was able to carry out, I established some very interesting elements of the cost of higher education. After the 2008 recession, the government has been cautious about the amount of money that it spends on every other student. The government, for example, spent 16% less on every other student than they did in the year 2008. In the past, the government would fund close to 53% of the funds to cater for the teaching processes, the impact of reduced

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