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Schizophrenia (Speech Presentation Sample)

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Schizophrenia is a brain disorder known for its severity and chronic nature. People with schizophrenia believe that other people read and control their minds and thoughts and/or plot to endanger them. Schizophrenia has defined diagnostic criteria: acute episode, the period in which the criteria of the symptom is fulfilled; partial remission, the period in which maintenance of improvement after prior episode. Disorder criteria are partially fulfilled; multiple acute episodes normally determined after at least two episodes; and multiple partial and full remission (p. 99-100). This paper seeks to discuss schizophrenia.
Schizophrenia may also result in cognitive deficits linked to functional and vocational impairments, abnormality in inhibitory and processing capacity, lack of awareness or insight of their condition, and aggression and hostility. The diagnostic features of schizophrenia involving its symptoms characteristics include cognitive, emotional, and behavioral dysfunctions. Diagnosis entails constellation symptoms and signs recognition related to impair social and occupational functioning (p. 101).
People with schizophrenia vary on most features substantially because the disorder is clinical heterogeneous syndrome. The disorder entails one or more functioning impairment. People with schizophrenia display dysphoric mood in the form of anger, depression, disturbed sleep pattern, anxiety, and loss of appetite; and inappropriate affect such as laughing without cause. There has not been an establishment of any laboratory, radiological or psychometric tests for schizophrenia. The prevalence of this disorder is about 0.3 percent and 0.7 percent. However, there is a variation in ethnicity, geographic origin, across nations, sex and race (p. 102).
The course and development of schizophrenia emerge typically between mid 30s and late teens. The peak onset age for initial schizophrenia episode is between late 20s for females and early and mid 20s for males. Majority of people experience a slow development and manifestation of clinically significant symptoms and signs (p. 102). Schizophrenia is associated with both prognostic and risk factors ranging from environmental factors, to physiological and genetic factors, to culture related factors, to gender related factors, to suicide risks (p. 103)
In conclusion, schizophrenia is a...
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