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Child Abuse: Presentation About Research Finding From Webpage Report (Speech Presentation Sample)


One page presentation about research finding from webpage research report.


Topic Child Abuse
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Hello Everyone
My speech is about child about.
Child abuse is still a growing problem across the globe. Most children still suffer in the hands of those who are supposed to protect them from harm. According to my research, I discovered that child abuse is deeply rooted from our households CITATION DWy131 \l 1033 (Wyndy, 2013). More cases of child abuse happen in households than outside. First when looking at the outside world, child abuse usually occurs in terms of forced child labor, child pornography, recruitment of child soldier and other aspects of physical harm CITATION MAA151 \l 1033 (Abbasi, Saeidi, Khademi, Hoseini, & Moghadam, 2015). In most cases, parents are the ones who sell their children to work in the streets as a way of earning extra cash. These children are denied the right to be taken care of, to be educated and the right for good parental love CITATION SKi17 \l 1033 (Norman, Byambaa, Dee, Butchart, & Scott, 2012). According to UNICEF, more that 100 million children are still trapped in child labor around the world. The challenge is that as poverty continued to grow, this issue is far from being solved.
Maltreatment of children is a growing issue within the family, where children are exposed to emotionally damaging family situations CITATION MYi161 \l 1033 (Yildiz, Er, & Aral, 2016). They face neglect; people they know physically and verbally abuse them. This continues to grow with the child

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