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Speech Self-Evaluation (Speech Presentation Sample)


For Module 5 SLP you will evaluate your Module 5 Case (demonstration speech) by responding to the questions listed in the Speech Self-Evaluation. As you analyze the speech, consider not only your performance, but the process (steps) involved in creating the speech. This assignment must be submitted in an organized essay no less than two pages in length.
SLP Assignment Expectations 
Write an essay (no less than two pages in length) analyzing and evaluating your Module 5 Case demonstration speech.

Speech Self-Evaluation
Name ______________________
Course ____________________
Please remember your answers need to be supported with detailed examples from your speech. One or two sentence answers will not earn you full credit.
Content and Organization
• Evaluate the success of your introduction.
How did you introduce yourself and state your purpose?
The introduction first of all introduces the problem associated with the job market and the need for candidates to explore and embrace different strategies. The introduction brings to light the act that the job market is flooded with highly qualified candidates. This is a statement that is used to create the urgency to listen to what the speech is about. It also helps the audience to relate to the content that follows much easily. This is quite effective and helps the speaker to engage the audience much better due to the level of attention. By stating the solution, the speaker elevates the level on interest from the audience as they seek to understand more about the element of professional networking and how they can apply it after school.
What was your attention-getter and why do you feel it was effective?
The attention getter in the speech is, ‘Professional networks are the key to a great career of choice’, which relates to the fact that networking is crucial to job searching. It is quite effective as it introduces the topic of the speech and arouses attention from the audience.
Did you preview your points? How effective were they in your speech?
I did preview my points before the speech to make sure that, I had everything was following in order. This way I would not miss out on the crucial points in the course of the presentation which could alter the meaning and the intended purpose.This proved to be quite effective, as most of the points that were highlighted were all delivered in the speech. The order of the points was also quite positive with the main points taking most of the time.
Explain your use of transitions and their effectiveness in moving your speech.
From one part of the speech to the next, transitions were used to make sure there is flow in the speech. This is relative to the fact that they create cohesion in the content as points of c...
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