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The Data Shows That More And More Abortions Are Taken by Women (Research Paper Sample)


i have the outline of the essay, the essay is allowed to have one or two picture, so it is about 8 pages and have 2 pictures. in the essay we need to have in-text citation, and also the worked cited should appear at the end of the essay.

Abortion can be defined as a medical practice that involves ending a pregnancy so that it does not result in giving birth to a baby (NHS Choices). This is also referred to as termination of a pregnancy. In some of the cases, the patients that wants to terminate their pregnancy will use medication, while in other cases the procedure may involve having a minor surgery that will involve the removal of the fetus. This is a topic that has generated some of the most controversial debates across the health sector, in most of the states and countries across the globe (NHS Choices). It is a topic that traverses the medical, legal, ethical and religious fields, with either of the sides citing the reasons for or against the practice. Over the last several years, the debate about abortion being legalized has raised concerns among the religious groups, citing that this is a practice that is no different to murder. On the other hand, there is the ethical debate surrounding health complications for the mother and the baby and the need to terminate the life of the child, in order the save the mother. This has also been tied to the issues of women having the right to their bodies, where they can decide to have a baby or not depending on their circumstances and better judgement (Haelle, Tara). As such, it is a volatile topic which has quite a number of facets to the debate it elicits within the society. It is important to consider the two main sides as to why abortion should be legalized and at the same time, why it should not be practiced as often. This paper addresses the basic merits associated with legalizing abortion along with the reasons that the practice should be avoided (Haelle, Tara).
Thesis: Abortion is one of the most important invention to this world, many people choose to take an abortion in their lives, as it can truly change people’s lives, but people should try to avoid having abortion.
A: The Data Shows That More And More Abortions Are Taken by Women
Teenage mothers
For most teenagers, sex a volatile topic and one that elicits mixed reaction in the society. However, the fact the matter is that, teenagers are having sex with more informed choices that they had in the past. More importantly, there are dangers associated with underage sex especially with reference to the fact that, this could lead to unwanted pregnancies along with sexually transmitted diseases (Lowen, Linda). The most important part of the conversation however, is the element of becoming pregnant as an underage. The fact that teenagers are still dependent on their parents and guardians along with the fact that they still have a lot goals they have not achieved in their lives including clearing school and achieving professional goals, is a complication that has to be considered (Lowen, Linda). However, it is also important to consider that, factors such as, religious beliefs, relationship with parents, access to family planning services, where she lives and the behavior among her peers are going to define the decision to abort.
For most of the teenagers, this is a subtle challenge and one that revolves around three main complexities. One of the complexities is the fact that, having a child is bound to profoundly change the lives of a teenager. This is relative to the fact that, they have to sacrifice their educational goals, career objectives and freedom to offer care for the newborn. Having a baby is a subtle responsibility and one that requires a mother to be ready for the challenges that come with raising another human being. For an underage girl, this is a complex challenge (Lowen, Linda). It is also important to consider that raising a baby comes at a cost to the mother and even the family. As such, for a teenager, the logistics of raising a baby becomes a major challenge relative ...
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