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Should Abortion Be Banned Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


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Many states across the world have held different positions in response to the issue of abortion. Whereas abortion has been legalized in some countries, it remains among the most contested topics in societal politics since it affects day to day life. It is apparent that in the arguments for and against abortion, two certain groups include pro-choice and pro-life. Within these groups, individuals hold different opinions about abortion, and it has been a common aspect to use violence against people that hold different ideologies

Majed Al Ali
Should Abortion be banned?
Many states across the world have held different positions in response to the issue of abortion. Whereas abortion has been legalized in some countries, it remains the most contested topic in politics due to its immense effects on social life. It is apparent that in the arguments for and against abortion, two certain groups include pro-choice and pro-life. The two groups pose opposing views on abortions. Abortion being the termination of an unborn child or fetus, there’s a debate as to whether this little being has the right to live or not. Therefore, having rules to protect its legality or illegality is of great importance to the fetus dependent on the mother’s child. Hence, this paper expounds on the reasons to ban abortion while highlighting on why abortion is still an option to many.
Reasons why Abortion should be banned
Abortion causes medical and physical complications to the aborting woman. These complications would lead to permanent disorders in an individual’s life. Due to lack of certainty on the development of the fetus, the unborn child’s process of attaching to the womb is suddenly cut short. Consequently, this should be a natural process. However, the artificial act of abortion interrupts the natural process causing the unspeakable damages. Since an abortion interferes with the functioning of the body system, it can result in breast cancer. Surprisingly, these risks are not discussed at the health facilities with the women who seek abortion services. To some extent, the unsafe processes used to carry out the act damages the womb and the birth way of a woman. This would lead to other physical damages and disease contraction.
Psychologically, the abortion incident remains haunting the woman as it said that an aborting lady is but a mother of an unborn child. The memory can also lead to trauma or mental illness at a time in future when the woman needs to have a child and cannot. Thus, she is likely to suffer from depression which can last up to five years or more. Without a doubt, many women who have aborted are at a higher risk of committing suicide compared to women who give birth at full term. Furthermore, based on research findings, the psychological effects of abortion are not limited to the woman alone since the husbands too are affected emotionally (Canario, Figueiredo, & Ricou 264).
Additionally, abortion harms the society since it ends a life and encourages irresponsibility. Apart from complex scenarios such as risk to maternal health, rape, and incest, it is apparent that many women perform abortions just for personal convenience. It is contrary to societal norms to allow an individual to take away the life of a fetus because of her comfort. Logically, if a fetus is killed for being an inconvenience, then there should be no rights protecting people against being killed (Linton,). Also, abortion totally disregards the sanctity of life. Although there might be no direct relationship, it is evident that there was a 7% increase in murder rates across the Unites States of America after the Roe v. Wade court case (Linton 192). Furthermore, since euthanasia goes hand in hand with abortion, it is true that many people have inclined towards euthanasia for selfish gains. Many individuals in the current society do not want to bear the extra responsibility of bringing up children. This has affected many young people who have become increasingly irresponsible and classified abortion as one of the important ‘women’s rights.’
On the other hand, abortion should be banned since it ends a life. The perception of a fetus not being a human life should be dealt with since the unborn child has a right to live. The pro-choice supporters do base their discussion on rights of women, the health of women, and ...
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