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Abortion: The Most Arguable Issue Present In The Society


Hi. I have a presentation with no slide kinda speech in the front of class. The topic is Abortion. Teacher give us requirements: think outside of your box, state our opinion first, then give pros and cons based on research, and lastly give ur opinion after all that we learned. Explain if your opinion is the same or different from what you thought at the start and why. Please no text- heavy paper! No professional paper! Try to use your own words! You can also add some statistics!

We had a conversation about this topic a while ago. And she already noted our thinking. I remember I said: that is personal choice of the every individual and we have to respect her privacy and let her decide for herself. Her body- her choice!( if you want you can add this to paper).

But while I did some research I started change my mind. Anyway you can do whatever you think the best. Just please don't forget I don't want professional paper, please try to do simple - will be easy for speech. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.




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Abortion is among the most arguable issues present in the society today. It is estimated that fifty-six million abortions occur each year worldwide, with women in developing countries contributing to 37 cases in every 1000 women while in developed countries 27 out of 1000

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