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The Supremacy Clause Secures Federal Rights Research (Essay Sample)


The Supremacy Clause secures federal rights, created elsewhere, by giving them priority whenever they come in conflict with state law.
Research: You are to find/analyze a recent case (within the past 12 months-do not duplicate) where a state law was in conflict an individual's federal rights and the court decided the case in part or entirely on the Supremacy Clause.
Share: Provide a summary of the details of the case for your classmates.


Legal Discussion 2
Institutional Affiliation
Legal Discussion 2
The supremacy clause is contained in Article VI, clause 2 of the Constitution of the United State. This clause clarifies that any federal law that is implemented under the constitution’s authority is powerful than any state’s laws that conflicts it (, nd). It is therefore clear that the existing Federal-government laws are supreme over a state rules irrespective of the values, religion or strategic positioning of state. These federal laws are highly given the first choice in any case brought before the court of law. A case example of where the state government experienced a conflict with the Federal government rules over individual’s right is the case of Texas, as well other 4 conservative states, Catholic and Christian hospitals denying health treatment to women who previously performed an abortion and also for a person who experienced transition of gender (Hiltizik, 2017). The doctors in Texas were reluctant in giving medical treatment to trans-genders having been backed up by some state rules that took the side of religious values. In certain perspective, state...
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