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NR452 Assignment: Major Challenge In The Practice Of Nursing (Research Paper Sample)


This paper focuses on ethical practice as a major challenge in the practice of nursing.


Ethical Practice
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Ethical Practice
Ethical practice is one of the issues identified under of assurance of a safe and effective care environment (NCSBN, 2014). This paper focuses on ethical practice as a major challenge in the practice of nursing. A key responsibility of nurses is the identification of the ethical issues affecting the members of staff as well as patients. In addition, nurses have the responsibility of informing affected clients and staff members about ethical issues and how they can affect client care. For example, a patient may ask a nurse to carry out something unethical, like assisting them in suicide or provide information about the diagnosis of another patient. In this case, the nurse has the responsibility of informing the patient that they cannot carry out their wishes because of both ethical and legal reasons. It is thus evident that ethical practice is an importance issue in nursing. This paper examines various aspects pertaining to ethical practice in nursing.
The patient population depends on the adherence and honesty of nurses to the ethical standards. It is important for a nurse to develop trust with patients while showing empathy and compassion. Ethical practice is a critical component of the profession. It plays an important role in the maintenance of patients’ dignity and protection of patients’ rights. Engaging in ethical practice enables nurses to create an environment of respect and trust between patients as well as healthcare professionals. Working together with other healthcare professionals is important for nurses in order to promote quality and safety of patient care. It is through ethical practice that harmonious relationships are maintained between and among these parties.
According to Ulrich, et al. (2010), nurses are faced with numerous ethical problems in patient care. The authors point out that it has become difficult for nurses to engage in ethical practice because of the complex moral pressures and choices they face as they carry out their duties. Amidst these concerns, they have to uphold the moral virtues, principles, and duties that guide the profession. It is deducible that it is important for nurses to be aware of all ethical dilemmas that characterize the profession. This puts them in a better position to make an ethical decision when faced with a situation that requires so. Ethical practice is thus important in helping nurses serve patients better while upholding and responding the ethical codes of the practice.
Given the significance of ethics to the practice of nursing, it is essential for nurses to understand the codes of ethics pertaining to the profession. In addition, they have to be aware of scenarios in the past that demanded an ethical decision. This puts them in a better position to carry out their duties effectively. It is evident that a detailed ethics code is necessary for nurses to deliver the responsibilities as required. Without these, it will be difficult to provide a fair and equitable treatment to patients. Lack of laid down guidelines will limit the ability of nurses to preserve patients’ rights such as confidentiality, dignity, and autonomy. Ethical practice thus forms a major component of the nursing profession.
Patient Population
There exist a number of human conditions that require nurses to uphold ethical practice. Abortion is one of such condition, and it may raise ethical and moral issues. A concern emerges since it puts the patient’s autonomy in danger. This is the case where the nurse considers abortion as murder. This is thus a sensitive issue that may require laid down guidelines on how nurses can approach them.
Another issue in ethical practice relating to the patient population is confidentiality. The private information of p...
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