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Gun Control Survey And Violence Incidents (Research Paper Sample)


You need to write a Lab Report: Gun control Survey.


Lab Report: Gun control Survey





The research sought to determine how race, political affiliation, socio-economic status, being born in the US, are raised, affiliation with the military and views on Second Amendment influence gun policy preferences. In the interview, survey respondents gave an opinion that indicated their opinions about gun control where the demographic factors and views on the 2nd Amendment.


There has been increased interest on how to address gun violence in the U.S. and the question of whether to introduce some form of gun control measures have been in the public discourse mostly because of gun violence incidents. Even as the right to bear arms is guaranteed in the second amendment, opponents call for moderate gun control as the right is not unlimited that people can carry any weapon in whatever manner and purpose (DeGrazia, 2014). In a study by Celinska, (2007) the researcher pointed out that those who supported individualism were opposed to gun control than those who had more collectivist attitudes. Filindra & Kaplan 2015) analyzed American National Election Studies (ANES) data to assess how attitudes on gun violence and racial resentment influenced support for gun control and highlighted that self-interest, fear of crime and experience of victimization influenced gun policy preferences. Race, political affiliation, socio-economic status, being born in the US, are raised, military experience or and history and views on Second Amendment influence support for and against gun control measures.
Biological sex: The proportion of women who support the gun is higher than males
Age- The proportion of younger people who support the gun is higher than older people
Race- Non whites are more likely to support gun control than whites
Military- There is a higher proportion of people from non-military backgrounds who are more likely to support gun control
Political-Democratic and left-leaning independents are more likely to support gun control
SES- Upper-income individuals and families are more likely to support gun control
Born in the US- The proportion of those born outside the US who support gun control is higher than those born in the US.
Area, raised- Those raised in urban areas are more likely to support gun control than those from rural and suburban areas.
2nd Amendment- Those who support the 2nd Amendment are more likely to oppose gun control
There were 131 participants in the study divided based on race, political affiliation, socio-economic status, being born in the US, area raised, and views on the Second Amendment. The respondents were interviewed. Subsequently, the mean, standard, deviation and ANOVA were conducted on these variables to evaluate how they influence to support or opposition to gun control and the analysis also focused on comparison within and between groups. Age is a scale measure, while the others are nominal measures. Among 131 respondents the average age was 29.13 and ranged from 17-88 years, with four being 17 years of age and only two were eighty years and above.
The participants were notified about informed consent including that information collected would not be retained and their identity would remain anonymous. All the electronic information was confidential and coded and they could choose the option not to participate in the study at any time they liked and even withdraw completely, and ask questions before, during and after the research.
The Likert scale was based on an agreement with survey statements, and options were: strongly disagree, moderately disagree, slightly disagree, slightly agree, moderately agree and strongly agree. There were twenty questions and only ...

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