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What is Confirmation Bias? The Scientific Method & Peer Review, etc. (Research Paper Sample)


Students will submit a research paper. The prompt: "What is Confirmation Bias? How can I discern reliable information from unreliable information? And how does the Scientific Process (The Scientific Method & Peer Review, etc.) seek to address these problems?"
I will be looking for a CLEAR definition of Confirmation Bias and CLEAR examples.
I will be looking for very CLEAR tools and procedures to discern reliable information from unreliable.
And I will be looking for a CLEAR explanation of the scientific process (think about what scientists do and how they do it that helps humanity understand things objectively).
I will also be looking for examples and processes outside of the scientific community in general. Confirmation bias is not just a problem in science, it is actively guarded against in science, but the broader public is less informed on how to deal with the new age of information access and confirmation bias. When you write your paper think about teaching someone with no formal education how not to get suckered into thinking internet tidbits are facts just because they agree with that person's beliefs; and how being critical of one's own beliefs gets one closer to truth (science seeks to disprove, not prove, and thereby move closer to what is true).
This is more or less a standard type of paper; make sure (as with your projects) that you clearly cite your references in the paper so that I know when you are citing something and what you are citing. Please double check your grammar and proof read your paper; if I'm having to "translate" bad writing it will cost you points.


Confirmation Bias and Reliable sources
Confirmation bias is the tendency of an individual to selectively pick the sources or materials with information that confirms their prior beliefs and ideas (Moser, 2). This behaviour is also referred to as confirmatory bias or myside bias. Two individuals with different perceptions about a particular topic may refer to the same evidence and feel satisfied by that evidence. Interpreting information in a biased way sometimes results in severe misjudgments. Confirmation bias affects how individuals collect information from various sources and influences the manner in which people interpret and recall information (Kosnik 195). Confirmation bias may have a detrimental consequence in the field of science because it can lead to the publication of works with biased information from the authors. When such information is consumed by various recipients such as researchers, it may lead to misconceptions. Some examples may be used to explain the confirmatory bias in real-life situations. For instance, a person who opposes or supports a particular issue has a higher tendency to seek the information that supports their belief, and they will interpret any new information they encounter in a manner that will satisfy their prior views (Kosnik 196). For example, if a person has a belief that left-handed individuals are more creative compared to their right-handed counterparts, whenever such a person encounters a left-handed individual who is more creative, they put much emphasis on such scenario. This person may even look for evidence to prove that their views are true while disregarding any information that provides a contrary opinion. Another real-life scenario that can best explain the confirmation bias is a situation where one individual is a proponent of the gun control policy. This individual seeks materials with the information that reaffirms the importance of gun control. When they encounter news about the shootings in the media, they interpret the entire scenario in a way that supports their beliefs. Conversely, when another individual is an opponent of the gun control policy, they only seek the materials that support their views. When they encounter the same news about the shootings in the media they interpret them in a manner aligned to what they believe in. In this case, two different individuals have different contrasting ideas about the same issue, and their interpretation will be based on what their beliefs.
Not all materials on the internet have valid information and this presents a more significant challenge to the individuals who are looking for reliable information to complete their project

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