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Gun Control: Gun Violence Prevention, Gun Safety, Firearms Regulation (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


No complicated words. The sources have to be reputable.
This assignment is an intermediate step towards writing the final project. Choose a topic or issue that interests you and do some research on it to help you take a position for your final paper. What kinds of sources can you find that you might be able to use? Using the instructions in the Annotated Bibliography chapter of Norton, you will write an annotated bibliography that uses no fewer than five reputable sources. Furthermore, your annotated bibliography should have a relevant title and an introduction that states the scope of your research. To find articles, and to determine whether or not they are reputable, review Norton, especially “Finding Sources,” and “Evaluating Sources.” Your annotated bibliography should be no longer than 1200 words.
So, with this assignment, you are basically doing the research you will be using to write your final paper. The prompt is very broad on purpose. You are coming up with your own topic, a thing you want to investigate for yourself. For example, you could do some research on artificial intelligence, abortion, drug legalization, the prison system, the minimum wage, love at first sight, sociopathy--just about anything. You don't have to take a position on the topic just yet. All you're doing is exploring. You want to track down some sources that may or may not be useful for your paper and then assess them for their relevance and usefulness. You might find a source that is very in-depth and elaborate. You might find a source that isn't very clear or has weak evidence. Whatever you find, you will write annotation about each, which aims to describe the source and its position as well as explain whether or not you think it will be useful for your final paper.


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Spitzer defines gun controls as a domestic regulation imposed on manufacturing, trading, possession, utilization, as well transportation regarding the firearms classified as small arms. According to Krouse, the utilization of the term gun control has been politicized and those in the legal perspectives may refer to it as "gun-violence prevention", "gun safety", "firearms regulation", "illegal guns", or "criminal access to guns.”
Andrés, Antonio Rodríguez, and Katherine Hempstead. "Gun control and suicide: The impact of state firearm regulations in the United States, 1995–2004." Health Policy 101.1 (2011): 95-103.
The researchers empirically surveyed the effects of firearm control on male suicides in the USA from the period ranging from 1995 to 2004. The study Utilized a negative binomial model with information from 1995-2004. The model was utilized as part of identifying how male suicide rates are related with the available gun control measures. The researchers found that the gun controls which are aimed at reducing the general gun accessibility have great consequences for the male suicides, while the controls that prevent risky people from owning any gun had a lesser impact on the male suicides. The researchers then concluded that completely limiting the access to firearms was recognized as a viable way of dealing with male suicide incidents, and gun controls is one approach to decreasing the availability of such guns. The investigation then recommended that gun control measures such as licenses and permits both negatively affected male suicide rates. Because there are differences among the states regarding the gun control approaches, the researchers' outcomes recommended that some states still have the opportunity of lowering the high rates of male suicides resulting from gun ownership. This study is relevant to the topic since it mainly revolves around gun control measures and their implications to male suicides.
Cook, Philip J., Anthony A. Braga, and Mark H. Moore. "Gun control." Crime and public policy (2011): 257-292.
The researchers provide an examination on the gun control measures that resulted in the establishment of a comprehension of the “Great American Gun War” and the means that could be considered in the pursuit of a powerful firearm control approach. The study commences with a survey of the realities concerning the gun ownership patterns as well as the utilization of such guns and the reason why the Americans are always inclined towards arming themselves. The researchers in a detailed analysis provide a discussion that outlines more contagious issues on whether or how guns impact the seriousness or the level of a given crime. The firearm control measures were then condensed identifying the essential elements in question with regards to the future of the gun control measures. The researchers put the measures of gun control into three classifications; those that are expected to keep the availability of guns from especially dangerous individuals, those that are planned to impact the decisions about gun utilization and finally what effect the overall gun control has on the society in general. The study found that all these three measures had some merits concerning gun controls. This study is also relevant to the topic as it outlines the impacts of having gun controls in place.
Wozniak, Kevin H. "Public opinion about gun control post–Sandy Hook." Criminal Justice Policy Review 28.3 (2017): 255-278.
The researcher investigated the public opinion on gun controls. The researcher also utilized information from the poll of public opinion that was carried out four months after the Sandy H...

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