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Why The Arguments About Gun Control Are Wrong? (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


You need to write About Gun Control.


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About Gun Control
Burke, D. (2017). Why the Arguments against Gun Control are wrong. HuffPost.
David Burke “the founder and president of Citizens Take Action and the author of the Restore Democracy Amendment” is a man who has had enough lies about the issue of gun control. In his article titled Why the Arguments against Gun Control are wrong, Burke provides his readers with an in-depth analysis of some of the arguments against gun control. He debunks the flaws in the following arguments: “gun control violates the Second Amendment; gun control doesn't work; people are the problem and they will harm others without guns, but I need guns for protection from criminals and the government, and the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” There seem to be perpetual lies grounded deeply in these arguments and Burke is motivated to expose them. He uses statistics from trusted sources and studies and even analogies to help drive his point.
While the debate of gun control goes deeper than people often seem to believe, it is indeed essential to note how lies can also be used to drive certain stances. As a reader, one is inclined to agree with his assertions.
Graham, M. (2018). Commentary: Could #MarchForOurLives be a Setback for Gun Control? CNBC News.
Michael Graham, a CBSN contributor is a man who sees what other people cannot. In his piece titled Could #MarchForOurLives be a Setback for Gun Control, Graham is keen to show how while #MarchForOurLives movement could have started with the right intentions, it has spiraled and currently treads dangerously and seems to indirectly infringe on people's civil rights. The rhetoric often used in the campaigns dubbed #MarchForOurLives is quite dangerous and seems to elicit certain emotions among the gun lobbyists. Apparently, instead of weakening the right-wing side, these protests could be indirectly strengthening them and making people feel more insecure about the inf

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