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PSC1 Research Assignment Spring 2018B: The USA Immigration Controversy (Research Paper Sample)


Research Paper Assignment Political Science 1- American Politics(Sections 2 and 3)
Hofstra University, Spring, 2018Professor Himelfarb
Now a year in office President Donald Trump confronts extraordinary challenges both domestic and abroad. These include income inequality, deteriorating infrastructure, a large federal budget deficit and debt, repeal and replacement of Obamacare, immigration reform, race relations, climate change, foreign trade, gun control; the tradeoff between privacy and national security, religious liberty and civil rights; terrorism, refugees, instability in the Middle East (including Iraq and Syria), the war in Afghanistan, a newly aggressive Russia, and nuclear weapons development by Iran and North Korea. There are also ongoing investigations involving Russian influence in the 2016 election and links to Trump.
During the 2016 campaign Trump proposed to “Make America Great Again” by fundamentally changing the way Washington works as well as its policies.   
Your task is to choose one of the political issues discussed above (or some other issue pertinent to current American politics) and write a 1,500-2,000 word (6-8 page) paper that:  
1. Explains the main controversies surrounding that issue.2. Discusses why the issue has appeared or remains on the policy agenda.3. Discusses what Trump promised to do about the issue before and during the 2016 campaign. Did the issue play a prominent role in the campaign? Did it help Trump win the election? Be sure to explain.4. Discusses what is currently happening regarding the issue as well as what is likely to happen. Specifically, will Trump keep his promise or is it likely to be modified, abandoned, or postponed? Be sure to explain why. Your discussion should make reference to how changing circumstances, congressional support or opposition, public opinion and other factors may influence the policy outcome.
  To complete this assignment you will need to consult relevant stories from the media (e.g., The New York Times and Real Clear Politics). You should also consult relevant books, periodicals, journals and materials from the Internet. In conducting research it is important not to rely on one source. For this assignment, you are required to cite from at least seven different ones.  The Internet contains a vast array of resources, many of which may be useful in your research. Keep in mind though that you need to evaluate the material you find on the Internet just as carefully as you would printed material. For example, who is publishing the website that you are using: an interest group, political party, newspaper, business, or individual? The biases of the author affect the credibility of the material and need to be considered carefully in deciding whether the source is adequate for your research. Also be sure to collect full bibliographical information for any source from the Internet. Merely citing a website is inadequate!
The paper must be typed and double-spaced. Use a 12-point font, one inch margins,and page numbers.  The paper should have a title page with a thoughtful, creative title.
Be sure to use citations (footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical references) wheneveryou quote or paraphrase from a source
Be sure to include a complete bibliography at the end of the paper. Each citation should listthe author, title, publisher, and copyright date (also journal number for periodicals).Sources from the Internet should include as much information as possible- at leastauthor, title, and publisher of the website- along with the Internet address and the dateyou accessed the source in parenthesis.
Remember that the best writing is clear and direct. Do not waste space with long-windedphrases, cliches, and convoluted sentences. Say precisely what you mean. Avoid slang andthe passive voice.
Double-check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
In grading your paper, I will consider the following:
Is the paper organized well? Is there an introduction and thesis statement? Does the body of the paper cover the points raised in the introduction? Is there a conclusion?
How persuasive is the analysis? Does it address the main points of the subject? Is materialpresented clearly and fairly? Is there enough detail to understand the arguments? Is theanalysis thoughtful and supported by evidence?
Is information cited fully? In other words, are quotations attributed to their sources? Isparaphrased material cited appropriately? Is the bibliography formatted properly andconsistently? 
Does the paper meet the stylistic requirements for a college paper? Is it typed? Has it beenchecked for spelling, punctuation, and grammar?
Whatever you submit should be in your own words. Direct copying of a text, or evencopying the basic structure of the text while changing a few words here and there,constitutes plagiarism. Be sure to cite all sources that you use, not just for direct quotationsbut also for ideas, facts, etc. Any student who plagiarizes will automatically receive afailing grade for the course and will be reported to the Office of the Provost for furtherdisciplinary action.
The paper is due at the beginning of class on Thursday, March 8th, 2018. You should alsosave a copy of your paper as well as copies of all sources (newspaper articles, Internet sources,etc.) cited in the paper. Late papers will be penalized one-half letter grade for every day (including weekend days) they are received past this date.
Papers submitted after Thursday, March 15th, 2018 will not be accepted.
Any student who fails to hand in a paper will receive a failing grade for the course.


The USA Immigration Controversy
One of the major political debates that has lingered on for decades in the United States of America is the debate on immigration reforms. This issue is exceedingly controversial since it affects individual lives and policymakers have to weigh competing humanitarian, economic and security issues. Varying debates in the national congress have been unable to come to a consensus on many issues concerning the creation and implementation of comprehensive immigration reforms leaving most of major policy declarations to the judicial and executive branches of the government. This has fueled major debates in the halls states and raised concerns on the way the heads of these branches have been handling the issue of immigration reform. This paper analyzes various news articles and literature on immigration issues discussing the way the executive branch has been handling them. In addition, it evaluates how immigration policies and reforms continue to affect the United States people and their politics.
A Brief History
In some ways, immigration reforms are exceedingly constrained while in another sense they are always up for grabs. Any sovereign entity has the right to decide who may come in, who can be its member and put out the terms and conditions for these prospects (Schuck, 1990). However, one has to note that completely open borders are a political impossibility and can endanger the welfare of an entire nation. Therefore, within this constraints there are varying set guidelines that apply in the admission of immigrants. Immigration has played an exceedingly vital role in American history and the nation continues to possess some of the most open immigration stands in the world. During the era's when transportation and communication were not very rapid, the nation encouraged and welcomed immigrants to settle in their vast empty lands. However, after the civil war, states started passing immigration laws and in 1875 the Supreme Court gave the federal government the responsibility of regulating immigration (Center for Immigration Studies). Between 1900 and 1920, approximately 24 million immigrants came in to the United States a period referred to as the great wave (Center for Immigration Studies). The immigration was halted by the outbreak of the First World War and resumed soon after its conclusion. The national congress responded to this state by passing an immigration policy in 1921 known as the national origins quota system that was later revised in 1924 (Center for Immigration Studies). The policy limited immigration through a quota based system that assigned a number of allowable immigrants based on past census figures and in 1924, it was revised to create a border patrol agency within the existing immigration service (Center for Immigration Studies). Over the next two decades, there was minimal migration into the United States. In 1952, congress combined all previous naturalization and immigration laws into one Immigration and Nationality Act (Center for Immigration Studies).
Later in 1965, Congress revisited the immigration issue and decided to enact a preference system in place of the national origins systems (Center for Immigration Studies). This system was aimed at attracting skilled immigrants and uniting immigrant families. This changed the scope of immigration by increasing the number of applicants from continents such as Asia and Africa. In 1986, the nation passed its Immigration Reform and Control Act that was largely concentrated on enforcement and amnesty advocating for prevention of future illegal entries and granting amnesty to some of the immigrants already in the country (Center for Immigration Studies). In 1990, Congress expanded the Immigration Act increasing the lev...

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