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Integrate Your Own Ideas About Gun Control Argument (Essay Sample)


Your discussion should integrate your own ideas and the ideas in the Annotated Bibliography sources you have been done. Please pay particular attention to the section “Doing Research,” which explains how to use sources fairly and effectively.


Student Name: Jiachuan Cui
Professor: Vito Gulla
Course Title: ENGL 102
Date: Feb 21, 2018
Gun Control Argument
Thesis: The continuous gun controls have led to very strong arguments with some people supporting the idea while other critics arguing that this is not the rightful strategy. Having gun controls will still elicit opposing arguments until a mutual understanding is arrived at.
The debate surrounding gun control mainly revolves around how the current laws are focused on putting forward the restrictions on gun availability and how this restriction impacts on the incentives of law abiding citizens as well as criminals to have guns. The individuals in the support of this narrative reveal that it will be very easy for criminals to acquire the guns if there are no laws on gun control. It is also argued that the absence of laws will result in many citizens being armed, thereby making it easy for criminals to acquire guns. This then leads to very high number of guns being in circulation, increasing the rates of criminal activities. In contrast, however, the opponents on gun controls raise their concerns that the availability of laws on gun control makes the citizens vulnerable to criminal groups due to inability to defend themselves. This leads to the increased rates of different types of gun related violence and crimes in general. This paper examines different gun related control approaches in relation to the arguments on self-arguments as they are presented in the literature on gun controls.
In presenting the arguments on gun control, this paper utilized a simple theory that completely takes into consideration the arguments on self-defense against gun control. This theory was emphasized in the works by La Valle on “Gun Control” vs. “Self-Protection” narrative. From this theory, there is a social contest between the law abiding citizenry and the criminals. The criminals strive to succeed in executing crimes, whereas the law abiding citizen hinders the acts of crime from occurring. The competing parties choose the levels to which they are capable of arming themselves, keeping in mind the costs associated with gun acquisition as well the concerns of other individual not in the contest. Specifically, the incentives of criminals to utilize guns is more likely to be impacted with a misconception that most potential victims will acquire guns and the opposite is true. This paper therefore focuses on the impacts of two categories of gun control approaches, on the crime as well as the demand for guns in totality. Those that are likely to influence the cost of guns face all parties, and those which selectively influence the cost of guns thus influencing law abiding citizens or criminals.
Supporting Arguments
Gun control has gained support from individuals who see this as an important strategy to curb criminal activities. The assumption behind this narrative is that most gun supply among the public implies that criminals will succeed in committing crimes. Wozniak in the research on "Public opinion about gun control post–Sandy Hoo

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