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An American Company Made a Fortune Selling Human Bodies to Science (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


An American Company Made a Fortune Selling Human Bodies to Science
Remember, we're in a sociology class so make sure that's your focus. I am looking for your reactions, interpretations, challenges … to what the author or authors are saying with you also demonstrating you know the area(s) at issue. What I am NOT looking for is a mere summary and/or untethered opinions. Again, show me you have a handle on the sociology that we've explored during the term.


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An American Company Made a Fortune Selling Human Bodies to Science
Science Care Inc. is a non-transplant tissue bank, providing dead bodies or body parts to medical laboratories, teaching hospitals and science projects in the United States. The company aims to enhance the whole body donation program and engages donors by offering them up to $750 per organ. They have so far served government agencies, corporate and private medical colleges and top universities across the country. Is it ethical? Are they benefiting the society in any way? Since 2000, Science Care Inc. is operating from its offices in Arizona and Colorado (Reports 2017).
In 2008, this thriving company successfully developed a 56-page national expansion plan to increase profits from the sales of human bodies. According to them, selling dead bodies to science is not unethical. It is a kind of business

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