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Environmental Sciences: Human Population Growth (Essay Sample)


Your Environmental Worldview
It is now time to assimilate what you have learned into a comprehensive statement of your personal environmental worldview. At a minimum, your personal worldview should address your position on these issues:
-Human population growth
-Water and soil resources
-Air resources and climate change
-Energy resources
-Waste management
For each of the above issues, state your perception of the associated problem, the magnitude of its risk to the health of our planet's functioning, and solutions to the problem. Your statements should draw from sound science and reflect concepts learned from your reading and course activities. It may be helpful to organize your thoughts by ranking each problem in terms of its seriousness.
This assignment is your comprehensive final exam for the course, reflecting your mastery of these topics as well as solutions that are the product of extensive critical thought. It is also helpful to return to your first writing assignment to see whether or not your view has changed. Give this assignment considerable attention and energy, because it is obviously one of the most important assignments in this course.
This writing assignment should constitute a comprehensive yet succinct paper of 500-600 words. Note that it may be difficult to describe your environmental worldview within 500 words, but understand that a good argument is one that is simple yet forceful in its delivery. Use APA guidelines for referencing sources and for the paper's format.
Your paper will be graded based on the following criteria:
0 to 60 points based on your coverage of each of the six topics listed above, with each topic given equal weight.
0-10 for the comparison between your initial worldview (the Easter Island assignment) at the start of the semester and your view now
0-10 for writing mechanics (grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage).
0-10 for organization (Introduction, prioritization of problems, summary & conclusions)
Works Cited - 0 to 10 points based on the use of at least two sources besides your textbook, with proper in-text citations, and a properly formatted works cited. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. . If you paraphrase or quote something that you have read elsewhere, then give the author due credit. WHEN IN DOUBT, CITE A SOURCE.


Environmental Sciences
Author Name
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Human population growth
Hundreds of years ago, there were less than one billion human beings on our planet. Today, over seven billion people live in different parts of the world, and recent estimates suggest that this number is likely to triple by the end of 2020. In one way or the other, human population growth impacts our own lives and the animals and plants surrounding us. For example, we build our houses on lands where forests were once present and establish factories and mills in a large number. As a result, not only our health is impacted but also the air we breathe in. Thus, there is strong need to create awareness among people regarding the significance of family planning, which promises improved lifestyle and a sustainable environment (Change).
Water and soil resources
In most developing countries, water and soil resources remain ignored years after years. The only reason for this is a lack of equipment. Efficient soil and water management is a must, not only for developing states but also for developed nations like the United States, Canada, China, and England. If we don't implement strategies to address issues of water and soil resources, we are likely to suffer from a lack of food and pure drinking water. Plus, the cultivated lands will be scarce, and the environment itself will be impacted to an extent. Thus, there is strong need to reduce soil erosion by implementing powerful approaches and technology (Conard, 2013).
Air resources and climate change
Global warming has become a major problem these days, and the air we breathe in contains life-threatening gases besides oxygen. Air pollution and climate change are linked to one another. We, the humans, are contributing to climate changes and polluting our air

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