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Response Homework 4: Earth Science And Plate Tectonics (Essay Sample)


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Response Homework 4: Earth Science




Part I

1. How do plate tectonics affect the base level of streams?

The base level of steams is the lowest elevation where running water flows and streams erode down. The plate tectonics affect the location of the major drainage , divides the direction of major continental drainages and affects the land masses, which receive precipitation necessary to maintain stream systems, while influencing tectonic deformation. At the same time, plate motion and tectonic uplift also influence stream erosion, which shapes the landscapes such as increasing the slopes of the streams

2. Describe how freezing of water and salt crystal formation cause mechanical weathering.

Weathering occurs at the surface or near the surface, and acts on different rocks, and mechanical weathering occurs when the physical place breaks the earth materials into smaller materials, which contain the parent material (Mason, 2015). Freezing water melts and pores in cracks, where temperature fluctuates and water expands when it freezes widening and extending walls of a crack. The formation of salt crystals exerts force, which widen cracks while dislodging particles and salt crystal growth pries the loose individual minerals

3. What are the two types of resistance to slope failure and mass movement, and how do they work?

There is shear strength and shear stress. Shear strength is the internal resistance that the slope offers against the mass movement and depends on the friction, vegetation binding the soil and cohesive forces binding the particles of the slope. A reduction of the shear strength affects the mass movement (wasting) and slope failure. The shear stress is another

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