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The Work Of Earth Science: Concepts And Images (Essay Sample)


1. This is about the work of Earth Science
2. Describe three images
3. Describe three the pictures relate to 3 concepts that we learned in earth science.


This is an image that shows water body colleting at the bottom of a valley. The water that comes from the surrounding areas forms a lake or a large water body after, collecting from the surrounding higher ground. This is a common phenomenon when it comes to the formation of lakes and more importantly sedimentary rocks (Columbia University, 2018).
As seen in the picture above, the water after receding leaves behind the silt that had been collected over the years. Much of the soil that collects at the reservoir will happen over the years and different seasons as such will be form layers on top of one another (Szmytkiewicz & Zalewska, 2014).
In this image it is clear that there are layers of the sediments that laid on top of one another and they have been compressed (Szmytkiewicz & Zalewska, 2014). Sediments that have been deposited over the reservoir have been compressed by the ones that come on top relative to their weight. The compression over the years forces there to be chemical bonds other than the physical bonds that they form the sedimentary rocks. This is a crucial process that takes place over millions of years and forms some of the most magnificent cites. This is especially the case, the sedimentary rocks are later exposed through faulting or general wearing of the surrounding rock layers, showing the side of the compressed and layers rocks (Columbia University, 2018).
This is a concept that relates to the element of having mineral particle suspended in the water. Ideally, in the case of the water reservoir above, the wat

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