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Computer Science/engineering And Privacy Blog (Essay Sample)


In her article about engineering privacy, Seda Gurses outlines three different approaches: Privacy as Confidentiality, Privacy as Control, and Privacy as Practice. These approaches vary in how much responsibility for privacy is placed on an organization vs. an individual and vice versa. That is, some approaches feature an emphasis on organizations maintaining privacy whereas others emphasize the user's doing so.

Where do you think the emphasis should be placed viz. maintaining privacy and why? Identify and discuss the implications of your views for both organizations and users. Finally, identify and respond to the strongest counterargument to your position.


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Cs/Engineering and Privacy Blog
A number of privacy as confidentiality solutions are concerned with achieving data confidentiality and more responsibility unlike the rest of the privacies such as control and practice. There are various ways of achieving data confidentiality with respect to personal data and for an organization. One way is to enable the use of information-based services while minimizing the collected information or securing the collected information from unauthorized access. One of the implications is anonymity in communication, which can be achieved when an individual is not identifiable within a limited set of users (Gurses, Troncoso and Diaz np).
Architectural confidentiality is another confidentialit

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