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Social Sciences: Future-Oriented Leftists (Essay Sample)


Why are Leftists (radicals) orientated toward the future, more idealistic, opposing the current system and championing an oppressed people?


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Leftists support egalitarianism and social equality and oppose social hierarchy to an extent. They are more future-oriented than rightists and seek to destroy or reform existing systems before building new societies. They believe that the current social system is not up to the mark and that it needs to be changed by the whole before introducing something new. To an extent, they are champions since they want to bring positive revolutions in the world and tend to remove negativity from the entire society (2014). In doing so, leftists are ready to work hard and help others understand their social responsibilities. Far-left groups rarely get engaged in political violence and frequently use multiple theories of class warfare to justify or evaluate political violence. However, they show utmost interest in democracy and want to bring changes everywhere (Keenan, Barré, & Cagnin, 2008).
Anarchists are among the first anti-establishment radicals who champion what they consider as the downtrodden peasant and the working class. They have been around since the 19th century and oppose the political parties that become a reason to create restlessness in the society. Leftists never support the destruction of a state; instead, they want politicians to use their power wisely and shape the future of societies (2014). As compared to rightists, leftists are more idealistic and sharp-minded because they don't rely on ordinary policies and instead want to implement their own policies that promise prosperity and success of the entire society. Leftists tend to play their significant role in shaping the future and don't look at the past. They learn from the past

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