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Structure and Culture of your organization. Social Sciences (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Structure and Culture of your organization:
there are two parts of this prompt. for first part (2-3 pages); keeping my previous papers you did on the organization "Dress for success", Please choose *ONE* of the 3 categories below (Goals, Culture, or Larger Environment) and answer as many of the questions in that category as possible.
Please include quotes of at least 2 anonymized sources (i.e, don't name your sources). Please also refer to the required reading that i have attached.
1) Goals
What are the formal goals of your organization? How did you find out about these formal goals?
What are the informal goals of your organization? How did you find out about these informal goals?
Do any of these goals potentially or actually conflict with each other? How do they conflict and with what consequences?
To what degree do these goals reflect feminist concerns? Do these goals address concerns that are important to you? How?
2) Culture of Your Organization
What kinds of beliefs and values dominate the organization?
What are the main norms (e.g., the do's and don’ts)?
What physical impression does the organization create?
What language dominates everyday discourse (e.g., buzzwords, catch phrases)?
What reward systems are in place? What messages do they send in terms of activities or accomplishments that are valued, and those that are not?
What are the favorite topics of informal conversation?
Are there identifiable subcultures in the organization? How are they different? Are they in conflict or in harmony?
Constituencies and Beneficiaries
Who are the identified constituencies of your organization?
Who actually benefits from its work?
To what extent do constituencies and beneficiaries overlap or conflict with each other?
Resource Acquisition
Identify the external resources sought by your organization.
Why are they needed?
How are they obtained and with what costs & benefits?
Is your placementin this firm meeting your expectations? Why or why not? What do you like the most about your placement? What do you like the least? Discuss what the staff appears to find as rewards and liabilities of working in this agency. Do you think the staff makes sacrifices to work where they do? If they do make sacrifices, do you think they find it worthwhile? Would it be something you would find worthwhile on a long-term basis?


Structure and Culture of Dress for Success
Culture of Dress for Success
Most people make judgments based on the first impression of a person in the first few seconds of interaction. Consequently, the first impression of people is their dressing codes (Karín Aguilar-San Juan, 2015). This aspect reveals the ideal character of a person even before one gets the chance to talk to them. Dress for Success builds a positive culture whereby women should dress formally irrespective of the occasion. For instance, some of the founder members of the organization dress in suits even when going on vacations. Although dressing in attires like jeans may be ideal for such occasions, the ladies chose to be in suits to portray a positive impression (Vallorani, 2018). “This means that whether you’re on a job interview, at a business meeting, or attending a networking event, you have just a few seconds to make a good first impression and establish yourself as the successful person you strive to be(Vallorani, 2018)." In this case, Dress for Success creates a desirable loop towards achieving the anticipated impression. For instance, it would look better for someone to be in a suit when attending a job interview. While people may also look excellent in casual dressing codes, the impression of formal dressing proves the seriousness and passion of a person in the job position, and they are looking forward to attaining.

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