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Interview assignment Life Sciences Reaction Paper Essay (Reaction Paper Sample)


2 full pages double spaced I will attach photos of the paper instructions


Theory - Most parents don’t know die specific theories, but you can use theory to guide the formation of your theory question. Be sure to identify the theory in parenthesis next to die question. We talk about Theories Week 1.
Parenting Style - Most parents don’t know the specific parenting styles, but you can ask them what their style is, or ask them about behaviors pertaining to the specific styles and see how their answers correspond to course material. Be sure to identify the parenting style in parenthesis next to the questions). We talk about Parenting Styles Week 2.
Influence of Family, Culture, or Context - The content of a Family/Culture/Context question will probably be familiar to most parents and we talk about these influences Week 3.
• A short paper (2 full pages double-spaced) summarizing your personal reaction to the interview and including answers to the following questions: o What did you learn from this interview?


Interview Assignment Instructions and Grading RubricInterview and Paper (50 points): You will conduct an interview with a parent who has at least one grown child, 18 or older, (this can even be one of your own parents) or with someone who is currently working as a parent educator. Interviews should be conducted in person. You will turn in (a) your interview questions combined with a summary of each of the interviewee’s responses. and (b) a short paper (2 full pages double-spaced). The interview does not need1 to be a set length of time, but will be graded on thoroughness. See Interview Grading Rubric on the third page.
You need to turn in one document that includes the following: basic information about the participant (below), numbered questions and response summaries, and a short paper. The document should flow as follows:
Information on who you interviewed (parent or parent educator or both?).
For parents: How long have they been a parent? How many children do they have,? What are the ages of the children? etc...
For parent educators: What position do they hold? Where do they work? How long have they worked as a parent educator? etc...
A copy of the questions asked during the interview and a summary of each of the respondent’s answers. This should look similar to the following:
#1. Your first question
A summary of the respondent’s answer. You can paraphrase what they said.
#2. Your second question
A summary of the respondent’s answer. You can paraphrase what they said.
#3. Your third question (Theories question)
A summary of the respondent’s answer. You can paraphrase what they said.
And so on
o Requirements regarding the questions
Interview questions should address a broad-range of topics relating to parenting and parent education. See sample interview questions at the end of the grading rubric. You need to .ask a minimum of 10 questions. Please number the questions.
If the respondent answers with only a few words to your question, ask them to elaborate or go into more detail. 1 don’t want to see only one

How did it impact your own thinking about parenthood AND the field of parent education?
What connections did you draw between the interview and material that has been covered in this course? **Making connections is in important part of this assignment!


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Parenting Styles, Effects of Family and Culture in Children
This paper expresses the opinions regarding an interview that was conducted with a parent, a mother of four children. It explores the relationship between the parent and the children and classifies the parenting type. Further, the interview gives the major features to justify the classification. It also analyzes the influence that the family and culture has exposed the children to and giving the lessons learned from the interview results and relating the scenario with the parenthesis theories learned in the topic.
The interviewee is a mother of four children: two males and two females. The child gender ratio is well-balanced. The first child is a girl aged 19 years, closely followed by a female aged 15 years. The two sons follow one another closely, and they are aged 9 years and 7 years. It was established that children have different behaviors based on their age differences. However, the differences are very thin since they share many common characteristics in regards to the family and environment of growth.

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