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Major Depressive Disorder, Critical Literature Review (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Type of paper: Critical Literature Review
Perform a critical literature review discussing the biological, psychological and
social factors that are most strongly linked to the aetiology and/or maintenance of the
disorder in your chosen film (either Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or Major
Depressive Disorder). In so doing, you should clearly evidence whether an integrative
approach is superior to unidimensional models (e.g., better than models with only
biomedical, psychological, or social causes).
Suggested Structure
1) Title Page (not included in word count)
2) Introduction (generates interest, overview of what will be discussed, including brief
description of the clinical features of the disorder and why it is important to
understand its causes, and what this review will do)
3) 1-2 Biological factors that contribute to the aetiology and/or maintenance of the
disorder portrayed in your chosen film.
4) 1-2 Psychological factors that contribute to the aetiology and/or maintenance of the
disorder portrayed in your chosen film
5) 1-2 Social factors that contribute to the aetiology and/or maintenance of the disorder
portrayed in your chosen film
6) Discussion of potential ways in which the biological, psychological, and social factors
could add to each other in causing/maintaining the mental illness (e.g., do they
interact), leading to:
7) Short conclusion (summarise main points from body of essay, including overall
limitations in the literature and future directions, and clearly address whether an
integrative model is useful for this disorder)
8) Reference List (not included in word count).
9) Appendix: A print out showing at least one relevant search attempt using
EBSCOHost or other scholarly search engine (not included in word count).


Major Depressive Disorder

            Major depressive disorder which can also be simply called depression is a mental disorder that causes mood changes which result in sadness, sorrow, irritability, and a sense of loneliness for more than two weeks. Other symptoms include lack of interest in activities that are normally enjoyable, low self-esteem, sleeping problems, reduced concentration, eating problems, among several others. The symptoms may be present all the time or may cease for years only to emerge again later.  Major depressive disorder largely affects an individual’s quality of life (Belmaker & Agam, 2008).

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