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Utilization of Personality Profile in the Hiring Process (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Utilization of Personality Profile in the Hiring Process


Utilization of Personality Profile in the Hiring Process
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Utilization of Personality Profile in the Hiring Process
Personality profiles have become a fundamental part of the hiring process in organizations. The Myers- Briggs Type Indicator is the most appropriate personality assessment used by most of the companies. Personality profiles have assisted the businesses in circumventing the bottlenecks that may affect the accuracy of the hiring process. The primary intention of the hiring process is getting the right employees for the right job and those with the right mindset to achieve the organizational objectives.
In the current business environment, most of the employers choose to use personality profiles in the interview process due to some reasons. McCrae & Terracciano (2005) asserts that the primary reason behind the robust revolution in the interview approach is the desire to reduce cost. The cost of making ghastly hiring decisions and the snags of getting meaningful information from reference checks of the applicants has led to the use of the personality profiles in the interview process.
Additionally, employers have been forced to employ these approaches in the interview process as the result of the need to weed out applicants with undesirable traits such as dishonesty and those with tendencies toward tardiness or violence. Hiring and retrenching staff as a result of incompatibility portends an enormous financial implication to the employers (Bhaduri, 2012). Therefore, it is essential for the hiring entities to get it right in the first instance. One of the ways to improve the accuracy of judging the fit between and the o...
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