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Human Relations: Diversity In The Workplace (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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Two main topics to choose from: Stress Reduction in the Workforce or Diversity in the Workforce (I am fine with both). These can open up a LOT of IDEAS from which to choose from. Look through Chapters 13 & 14(THIRTEENTH EDITION《 EFFECTIVE HUMAN RELATIONS 》Interpersonal and Organizational Applications)--【BARRY L. REECE 】for more ideas.


Human Relations: Diversity in the Workplace
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Human Relations: Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the place of work involves developing an inclusive environment which accepts every employee’s differences, embraces their strong points, and offers opportunities for every employee to attain his/her full potential. Employees from different cultures, nationalities, gender, and generations usually work together within the same firm. With such diversity in the place of work, it becomes crucial for firms to establish practices and policies for building a harmonious and inclusive workplace. A harmonious and inclusive place of work is one that appreciates differences among the employees and strives to maximize their potential (GroМ€schl, 2011). Focusing on the topic of diversity in the workplace, this paper discusses how organizations can effectively manage workplace diversity.

Diversity in the place of work is understood as the differences between staff members, as well as the celebration and acceptance of these differences (Bertelsen, 2011). Managers should understand how they can properly manage workplace diversity to the benefit of their organizations. Successful managers need to be in a position of managing diversity in the place of work by creating an organizational culture of tolerance by means of communication, training, education, as well as conflict management strategies (Bertelsen, 2011). There are several ways through which organizations can effectively manage diversity, including hiring, policies and practices, diversity training, and diversity awareness.


Hiring and recruiting practices can be used to manage workplace diversity. The inroads into the company, as GroМ€schl (2011) pointed out, have to reflect the organization’s approach toward creating a diverse team. In essence, the employees within the organization have to look a lot like the country or community wherein that organization is set up. To achieve diversity through hiring, managers should overcome bias during the process of interviewing and assessment. The organization should incorporate a diverse interview panel. This would help in ensuring that the process of selecting new employees is free of any prejudice and bias and that the applicants are chosen based upon their suitability to the prerequisites of the job (GroМ€schl, 2011).

Diversity Training

Diversity training is a vital aspect of not just building awareness, but also a cohesive work environment. Such a training program inspires cultural sensitivity in age, disabilities, sexual orientation, background, gender, race, ethnicity, and religion. It allows staff members to let their guards down and develop healthy relationships at the workplace. It also decreases discrimination and bullying at the place of work. Diversity training is vital in improving the quality of work that staff members put out (Bertelsen, 2011). It makes the employees a lot happier, which consequently increases their productivity. Guillaume et al. (2017) pointed out that diversity training provides the organization with the opportunity of educating its staff members about diversity. Even though diversity training cannot completely alter the beliefs of individual employees, it can impart knowledge, increase awareness, as well as teach the staff members how to accept differences amongst fellow workers (GroМ€schl, 2011). Managers may also need to undertake diversity training, for example regarding providing feedback. Before a manager can provide feedback to staff members from dissimilar

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