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Influence of Education on Early Childhood Development (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This assignment is a research article review. I provided attachments with samples of article reviews.
Also, I provided an article in PDF format that should be reviewed. The topic is how early childhood development can be influenced by education.
Read the article carefully.
Write a one-page summary of the article including the following:
1) the topic you selected to research and the reason you chose the topic; 2) a brief summary of the article highlights; and 3) a connection between the article, information from your textbook and any relevant personal experiences or insight you can add. Provide the article bibliography using APA style (you can consult OWL [Purdue University's writing lab website for APA guidelines]).
The research articles and summaries will be graded as follows:
Mention and explanation of topic: 2 points each
Article meets stated requirements and relates to chosen topic/idea: 6 points each
Summary – length, quality, connection with course content: 10 points each
Bibliography (APA guidelines): 2 points each.


Influence of Education on Early Childhood Development
Institutional Affiliation
Influence of Education on Early Childhood Development
The topic that sparked my interest the most during the course of this unit was on early childhood development, and how it is influenced by education. Compared to adults, children learn much faster. It is common for a child to pick up lessons much faster than a person of advanced age. It has been proven that the development of a child in the early years sets the stage for their physical, emotional, and social behaviors in their adulthood. Early experiences also greatly influence the cognitive abilities of a child. Education in early childhood development utilizes this increased learning ability to develop the skills needed in adulthood. To further understand the influence of education in early childhood development, I chose to review the article, Enhancing Early Child Care Quality and Learning for Toddlers at Risk: The Responsive Early Childhood Program.
This article puts emphasis on the need for quality learning environments in childhood, due to their impact on the child

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