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Understanding Termination/Refusal To Provide Care Policies (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The goal of the Session Long Project is Assessment and Evaluation of a healthcare organization's compliance with legal and ethical rules and regulations through the application of the course concepts and current research to a healthcare organization of your choice. At the end of the session, students shall submit a detailed assessment of the chosen healthcare organization. The final SLP submission shall be no less than 10 pages of text.
For the fifth component of the SLP, briefly discuss the termination/refusal of care policies and/or procedures in place at your organization. If you are not currently employed in healthcare, identify a healthcare organization that interests you and research and discuss
Your modular submission need only provide proof of your progress. More in-depth discussion will be required for the final SLP submitted at the end of the course.


Termination/Refusal of Care
Institution Affiliation
Termination/Refusal of Care
All licensed healthcare givers such as doctors, physicians and nurses are ethically and professionally bound to attend to all patients who seek treatment or are in dire need of medical attention regardless of their condition and what ails them. They have to address all patient needs that are within their scope and levels of expertise (Hopkins, 1994). However, there are cases where a healthcare facility and or the healthcare practitioners refuse to provide care to patients as it goes against the hospital's policies or the doctor's conscience. For example, many hospitals refuse to attend to patients who request to have abortions because it's an offense under the US laws. Also, a physician may refuse to attend to an abortion patient because it is against his conscience and beliefs. In addition, there are also cases where the doctor-patient relationship is terminated. For example, a doctor may terminate his relationship with a patient who constantly refuses to follow his instructions and advise such as one who refuses to take medication. The paper shall examine the various policies and procedures that warrant refusal and termination of care at Boston Medical Centre.
Understanding refusal to provide care policies
All patients are entitled to receive treatment despite how risky that may be to the caregiver and federal laws such EMTALA was enacted to emphasize and enforce such matters. Since the breakout of HIV/AIDS in the nineteen-eighties doctors have been reluctant to attend to patients for fear of getting infected. However, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared that “A physician may not ethically refuse to treat a patient whose condition is within the physician's current realm of competence solel

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