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Antitrust Law Application In Healthcare Organizations (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The goal of the Session Long Project is Assessment and Evaluation of a healthcare organization's compliance with legal and ethical rules and regulations through an application of the course concepts and current research to a healthcare organization of your choice. At the end of the session, students shall submit a detailed assessment of the chosen healthcare organization. The final SLP submission shall be no less than 10 pages of text.
For the fourth component of the SLP, conduct a search of the literature and identify activities that have been deemed as violating antitrust laws and discuss a current or past activity or arrangement at your organization that may be deemed as potentially violating antitrust laws. If you are not currently employed in healthcare, identify a healthcare organization that interests you and research and discuss potential antitrust violations relative to that organization.
Your modular submission need only provide proof of your progress. More in-depth discussion will be required for the final SLP submitted at the end of the course.


Antitrust Law Application in Healthcare Organizations


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The application of the antitrust laws in the field of healthcare is significant since healthcare is one of the industries that generate income and it should not be treated in an exemption. There are numerous dramatic changes that are taking place in the healthcare industry and they are transforming its structure in different ways. The anti-trust laws were enacted so as to promote efficiency and at the same time to encourage competition and protect the public from the anti-competitive practices. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ) have put in place a number of mechanisms to regulate the healthcare industry. Such laws include the Sherman Antitrust Act passed in 1890. In section 1 of the act, it prohibits any means of restraining trade in the healthcare industry. In section 2, the act hinders any efforts that are made to promote monopoly. The Clayton Act was also created later so as to curb the creation of monopolies before consummation. Section 3 of the act also prohibits any agreements that tend to lessen competition. Lastly, in section 7, the act outlaws the acquisitions of assets that belong to another business for the purpose of encouraging anti-competition.
Merging of healthcare facilities is one of the ways through which healthcare organizations violate the antitrust laws. In my case study, I have selected the case of ProMedical Health System and its efforts in the acquisition of Maumee, Ohio based St Luke's Hospital. In January 2015, ProMedical Health System made an appeal to a ruling that had blocked its efforts to acquire Maumee which is St. Luke's Hospital to the Supreme Court. In the year 2010, ProMedica and St. Luke's merged and a

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