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Obligations And Understanding Of EMTALA At The Boston Medical Center (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The goal of the Session Long Project is Assessment and Evaluation of a healthcare organization's compliance with legal and ethical rules and regulations through the application of the course concepts and current research to a healthcare organization of your choice. At the end of the session, students shall submit a detailed assessment of the chosen healthcare organization. The final SLP submission shall be no less than 10 pages of text.
For the second component of the SLP, research EMTALA and discuss the mechanisms in place at your organization designed to comply with EMTALA. If you are not currently employed in healthcare, identify a healthcare organization that interests you and research and discuss EMTALA relative to that organization. Also, determine whether your organization has faced an EMTALA violation. If so, discuss the violation and your organization's response to this violation.
Your modular submission need only provide proof of your progress. More in depth discussion will be required for the final SLP submitted at the end of the course.


Obligations to provide care
Institution Affiliation
Obligations to provide care
The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) was enacted in 1986 and requires all people at the emergency ward to receive the necessary first aid treatment regardless of their state or ability to pay (Desmond, 2016). It requires all hospitals to attend to all patients and anyone seeking treatment without any conditions. Furthermore, it prevents hospitals from transferring or discharging patients without their consent. Research had shown that hospitals were turning away patients for insignificant reasons such as to shelve the institution from the high anticipated diagnosis and treatment costs. The paper shall examine the mechanisms at Boston medical center that ensure the center complies with the EMTALA.
Understanding EMTALA
An emergency is from EMTALA's perspective is defined as a situation that requires urgent resolution and failure to which the effects will be catastrophic. The best case example is the condition of a pregnant woman in hospital that has to be contained until the safe delivery of the child (Desmond, 2016). Boston medical center has a 24hrs state of the art emergency department with highly skilled doctors, emergency nurses and emergency medicine residents. The hospitals legal department constantly ensures strict adherence and compliance with the act. It carries out regular workshops to sensitize all employees on the act. Furthermore, it sends out frequent messages on email and puts out fliers explaining the act and the importance on overall health care.
Obligations of EMTALA at the Boston Medical Center
The emp

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