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Gun Control And Gun Rights: The Parkland Shooting (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Research the issue of gun control/gun rights further and write a letter to your member of Congress explaining your opinion on what should be done regarding gun control/rights following the Parkland Shooting and Las Vegas shooting in the Fall.
First, be sure you can identify your member of Congress (either Senator or Representative).
You must use at least 5 of the sources that we used in class (videos and/or texts) and assigned for HW.






Gun Control and Gun Rights

Dear Jeff Flake,
I am writing as a concerned citizen from Arizona to express my views on gun rights and gun control and urge you to advocate for effective legal undertakings and the closing of the deadly loopholes in the laws that make it easy for dangerous people to acquire and use guns. The lax laws need to be reviewed, discussed, and addressed to achieve a balance between gun rights and gun control. Throughout the history of the US, gun ownership and use of firearms has been a matter surrounded by intense debate and controversy. The argument on whether gun control policies should be more lenient or more restrictive continues to bear no substantial progress. The impact of the recent mass shooting cases in the United States has reignited the debate. Arguably, this is the appropriate time for leaders to engage in discussions with the intent of offering suitable and sustainable solutions to the gun issues in the country. My intent has a citizen is to engage you as my honorable representative in the lawmaking process to try to end the tragic loss of life that has been tainting our image as a country. Furthermore, gun control and gun rights are huge political topics that can only be effectively addressed from a leadership position. I believe that the opinions I express in this letter are factual and are sentiments held by many citizens. It is my hope that the letter is informative and addresses the interests of the majority on the issue.

Many studies, leaders, and commenters have attempted to settle the longstanding issues of gun control and violent crimes. It is evident that the population is divided into two, which increases the complexity of addressing the issue while meeting the needs of proponents of gun control and gun rights. The premise of writing this letter lies in advocating for stiffer federal laws that will help to manage the problems associated with guns. An array of studies and media reports shows that states that have allowed citizens to carry guns have high rates of homicide and suicide since the policies were enacted. Contrary, states that have more restrictive policies have declining homicide rates. Additionally, a review of some studies shows that robbery rates have not been affected by allowing people to carry weapons. The statistics support these studies, showing that most murders in the country are committed using a firearm. Arguably, it is complicated to determine the level of deterrence the right to have guns has on violent crimes without biases. However, it is clear that more guns in civilian hands only contribute to higher risks of murder and violent crimes. My advocacy for strict gun control laws at the federal level comes with the knowledge that there is no lack of opinions on the policies to address gun commerce, possession, and use. Notably, most proposals are often shut down, limiting the change that can emerge through the legislative process. Nevertheless, these recent violent crimes have influenced changes in how people perceive gun ownership and use, offering an opportunity to make effective legal changes.

The controversy surrounding strict policies for gun control is something that leaders like you have to overcome for the greater good of the American people. The risks posed by guns, including increased risk of violence that leads to death, suicide, and a danger to children when the guns are not correctly stored makes it necessary to introduce stricter laws. Proponents of gun rights allude that their main concern is to have immediate access to a gun in case of an intruder. Suggestively, having guns is perceived as a deterrence that can be used to manage crimes. In my view, private armament is only serving to fill morgues due to high rates of homicide and suicide victims. The divergent...

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