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Counseling paper: Health, Medicine, Nursing Movie Review (Movie Review Sample)


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Counselling Paper
Counselling Paper
The session took place at the client’s (Annas’) house. The videos for the different days the sessions occurred were uploaded on YouTube on February 12 2019. This video reveals the different events on varying days, all with sessions discussing Anna’s battle with cancer and the impact of its treatment process on her body. Anna gives her account of uterine cancer (Bagaajav, 2019). According to her story, she went through multiple radiation processes to eradicate cancer from her body, and she believed she would get back to her everyday life after the treatment. However, Anna fell sick five years later, only to realize that the radiation had affected her significantly, and she had to go through another medical procedure related to the identified issue. The report was a nightmare to the client, and she could hardly believe it. According to Bagaajav (2019), she did not anticipate for the condition. Thus, it affected her significantly, resulting in the idea of seeking a counsellor’s help.
“I feel so much support from him, but it’s hard for me to show my feelings sometimes,” Anna (Bagaajav, 2019).
Anna reveals that she did not want to show her husband how she felt and thought that keeping everything to herself was the best decision. Therefore, speaking to the counsellor was vital because she got the chance to pour out some issues; she would never tell her relatives.
“Am sorry to hear that cancer has returned,” the counsellor (Bagaajav, 2019).
Anna is diagnosed with cancer again, and she calls the counsellor for a meeting to discuss her condition (Bagaajav, 2019). Notably, the primary purpose of the sessions is discussing Anna’s medical condition and encouraging her to stay healthy despite the rising challenges considering her health condition, the medication procedure and the impact of the process on her family members like her husband, children and parents.
The counsellor engaged five counselling techniques during the sessions. First, she uses attending skills in all statements and advice to the clients. She

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