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Nixon’s China Game Review History Movie Review Paper (Movie Review Sample)


8.. Nixon’s China Game: DVD 9460
Provide 3-page review of major arguments, portrayals, and conclusions made in the film. The review should address the following questions.
1. In the documentary, what were Nixon’s and Mao’s motivations for seeking US-China diplomatic normalization?
2. What were some challenges Chinese and US officials faced in their attempts to achieve successful Nixon’s visit to China?
3. At their meeting, why did Nixon tell Mao, “As a rightist, I can do things that leftist politicians can only talk about”?
4. What is your personal impression of the film (quality, message?)


Nixon’s China Game Review
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Nixon’s China Game Review
Nixon's China Game is a documentary about former US president Richard Nixon's seven-day visit to China in 1972. There had been many years of diplomatic isolation between the United States and mainland China. The visit intended to restore normalcy in diplomacy and relations. The visit was a strategic overture that ended the 25 years of no communication between the US and China. The ultimate motivation for President Nixon and the chairman of the PRC MaoZedong was to normalize their ties and relations. They both wished and were willing to set aside the ideologies that had been a pain point for over two decades since Communism had come to power and focus on common interests.
However, the visit was cleverly planned by the US to have massive media coverage for Nixon to go on record as having conducted the meeting ‘in the week that changed the world.’ It was, after all, an election year. He wanted a television spectacularly advertising his triumph! The visit was also meant for Nixon to gain leverage over relations with the Soviet Union that happened later in 1979. 

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